To produce and sell livestock, herbs, produce and home goods that are of the highest standards, using only natural and sustainable methods, while keeping a minimal environmental impact and preserving the time-honored traditions of farming culture from generations past.



Goodfeather Farms sources and breeds the finest chickens of rare and exotic varieties. All the chickens that are raised by us are taken care of to the highest standards.  No packed houses, no beak or wing clipping… just fresh air, plenty of space, individual health checks, baths, treats, and even names!  “Cage Free” and “Free Range” are not just labels with loophole meanings around here, our birds are living their lives clean, content and happy, the way they should be.  They are given more than ample space, both inside the coops and outside in their spacious runs.  With the use of rotational pasturing, we make sure they always have fresh green fodder to peck around in.  Fine hay, mealworms, fresh produce, herbs and free-feeding are the norm for our birds, regardless of whether it increases our bottom line.  Not only is this the best way to ensure the quality of our livestock to our customers, but it’s just the right thing to do.  We respect these animals as we respect ourselves.  Our belief is that man’s dominion over animals is not just a luxury of ours to do with other species as we please, but it is a great responsibility- we are their caregivers, and they are a gift to us to be treasured and not be taken for granted.  This philosophy is what makes the birds at Goodfeather Farms so exquisite and unique!