Home Goods

Using all natural ingredients, Goodfeather Farms creates several unique home goods and gifts good for the body, mind and spirit.  From homemade preserves and pickled vegetables (under a cottage food industry license) to body creams, soaps, and candles; our value-added products are made from ingredients directly sourced from our backyard herb and produce gardens.  Using only natural, organic methods, we never use pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers in our gardening practices.

We also provide handmade blacksmithed knives and woodworking creations. Check out our featured products below, and keep an eye on our blog posts and facebook pages for seasonal and limited-production specialty items.

Rooster Juice Hand Salve

Cock Block Bug Repellant

Blacksmithed Railroad Spike Knives

Intarsia Woodworking Wall Art

Cinnamon Watermelon Preserves

“Cowboy Candy” Pickled Hot Peppers

*Now introducing our fresh Cut-Flower Bouquets!*