Goodfeather Farms provides newly hatched chicks for sale of our top selected chicken breeds.  Our farm is NPIP Certified and our chickens are tested by the Florida Department of Agriculture for Avian Influenza.  We focus on breeding chickens that maintain the standards of the breed and focus on producing hardy, long-producing exotic layers that rival any of the more common domestic breeds.  We also offer chicken breeds that lay different colored eggs, as well as autosexing breeds that can guarantee your hen to rooster ratio.  Of course, some of the breeds we specialize in are just fun to look at! Check out our current breeding program below:

Ayam Cemani


Cream Legbar

Old English Pheasant Fowl

Ayam Ketawa (Laughing chicken)

Our pricing is simple, $5.00 per chick, $20 per pullet, or $30 per laying hen.

Roosters are priced the same as hens, but if we have an overstock of males (which happens often) we’d be happy to give them away free with your order.

OUR GUARANTEE: On any auto-sexing chick and pullet purchases, we will guarantee the sex of your bird.  If you unexpectedly end up with an unwanted rooster, we will replace it at no charge for you.  While we cannot accept any chickens back once they leave our farm (for biosecurity purposes), we will give you another chicken of equal value of your purchase. This guarantee does not apply to straight-run breeds.

We do not guarantee chickens to live for any specified length of time.  In all fairness, we know our chickens are healthy, but we don’t know what conditions are like once they leave our farm.  Factors such as temperatures, drafts, or chemical residues can all have a detrimental effect of chickens, especially young ones.  If you are uncertain about the conditions of your chickens’ new home, feel free to contact us for an at home consultation. Visit our Backyard Farm Club page for more information about consultations and at-home farm services.